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PDF - Wild Reckless. Kensington Worth had a vision for her senior year. It involved her best friends, her posh private school in downtown Chicago and time . Download and Read Free Online Wild Reckless Ginger Scott Wild Reckless by Ginger Scott Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read, good books to. Wild Reckless book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Kensington Worth had a vision for her senior year. It involved her b.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. A Goodreads Choice YA Fiction Book of the Year Nominee Wild Reckless (Harper Boys Book 1) - Kindle edition by Ginger Scott. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Wild Reckless Ginger Scott PDF. WILD RECKLESS GINGER SCOTT. Download: Wild Reckless Ginger Scott. Owen Harper was trouble, his heart wild, his past the kind that's Wild Reckless Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf rtf lrf pdb txt html.

Playlist for Part One chapters can be found here or here. Playlist for Part Two chapters can be found here or here. Chapter 1 : from the perfect start to the finish line Summary: Mingyu is uncomfortable, his friends are lowkey dicks but highkey still the kind of people you secretly wished you were friends with in high school, and Wonwoo is a mystery. Notes: See the end of the chapter for notes. Chapter Text It is a truth universally acknowledged that popular boys in high school can be and almost always have been assholes, in some way, shape, or form. Wonwoo, or whatever. Jeon Wonwoo. While Mingyu was filling into his awkward growth spurt until he was tall and handsome and knew how to play the popularity game to his advantage, Wonwoo was doing … god knows what, actually. Maybe nothing. Maybe he just floated through high school, another forgettable face in a sea of gawky teenagers filling up a hallway, an extra on the edge of the set doing his own thing while the actual characters took the spotlight, being football quarterbacks and chess championships and debate team nationals and winning prom queen.

It was perfect to the last sentence.

View all 6 comments. First time reading Ginger Scott and I am impressed! I love a young adult romance that is rough, edgy, age appropriate even when the subject matter spans way beyond the young lives it encompasses. Wild Reckless is about Kensinton Worth, the new girl in town, musically talented, uprooted from the city to the middle of nowhere and Owen Harper, town bad boy, basketball phenom, existing in a family of heartbreak and strife.

Kensi 4. Kensi and Owen's first few encounters are not pretty Owen and Kensi seem worlds apart, but they are so similar. Both have experienced heartbreak and loss in their own ways. Both are so mature for their age While I was thinking this was going to be similar to "Bully," I was completely rocked by the truth behind the characters.

I was in awe of Owen Harper and the "goodness" in him. The outer image the world saw was so wrong to the true self those close to him knew. Kensi saw the real Owen immediately and her need for him allowed the world to see the light thru his dark. Perhaps Owen is too good Circumstances and life keep throwing the bad at them Is Kense strong enough to stand strong for Owen?

Will Owen sacrifice his chance at happiness for the love a girl who is everything to him?


While this book is on the YA side, I found myself Loving every minute of it. I loved the writing and the flow. I loved the pure and realistic tone to the intimacy Ginger Scott gave to Kensi and Owen.

It will not take long for a reader to fall hard for Owen Harper! I also love angst, and with the subjects of addiction, infidelity, suicide, mental health, well there is no shortage of strife.

Kudos to Ginger scott for her handling of each subject with realism and tact. In the end I do believe, like Kensi, that Owen Harper made a mark in my heart.

Here is hoping that a reader will understand that sometimes it is ok to "want more. View all 17 comments. Mar 19, Kirsten rated it really liked it Shelves: Her only stability is playing piano, which she loves and excels at.

So far her new life is going better than expected The boy is a jerk to Kensi, and seems to like giving her hell.

Tragedy occurred in Owen Harpers life wh Tragedy occurred in Owen Harpers life when he was 5 years old. Since it's a small town everyone knows about it, and it has greatly effected his and his family's life and status.

He lives wild and reckless and doesn't seem to care. Things start to change when a new girl moves in next door. At first a friendship blooms and soon they find themselves surrounded with catastrophes and loss.

The two form a bond and are able to find the support they so desperately need within one another. Though Kensi is Owens rock and vice versa , he still pushes her away in order to save himself from the inevitable heartbreak he is sure to endure. How will Kensi convince Owen that she won't leave him when things get tough? This was my first Ginger Scott experience, and it won't be my last. The lady has a talent for writing and digging up some major emotions through her plot and characters.

I fell in love with the story and could really feel everything that was happening. There were a couple of moments in this book, where I felt so much that I had to put it down and take a breather before I was able to continue. I was that emotionally invested with these characters.

As mentioned in an update, there is a scene about halfway through were Owen faces his fears Even thinking about it now is bringing some tears to my eyes.

His bravery, their actions, and his words during this was so emotionally powerful that I am still feeling the after effects. I pretty much loved everything about this.

The drama that happened was was done very realistically and didn't feel over the top. Not only did I love the MC's, but the side characters were endearing as well.

This may not seem fair, but the only reason I didn't give 5 stars, was purely personal. It's not so much that I can't relate, it's just not usually something I seek out to read. Overall a beautiful story that brings out the feels. View all 34 comments. Mar 13, Jen rated it it was amazing Shelves: What an absolute beautiful story that is full of "Feels!! I can't urge readers enough, to bump this story up and give it a go. Yes, it is classified as a Young Adult book; but it did have a more mature feel to it.

There are some heavy duty topics that are touched on between these pages. From mental illness,suicide, all of the way to addiction. It is a book that will make you feel all sorts of emoti What an absolute beautiful story that is full of "Feels!! It is a book that will make you feel all sorts of emotions, and not all of them being easy; but the journey is totally worth the destination I promise you that!!! Kensington Worth moves with her family to a small town, and begins a new chapter in her life.

She is extremely gifted when it comes to playing the piano, and she does love it; however she has a lot of pressure from her father to play a certain kind of music. Her heart just isn't into what her dad wants, it is telling her to play Jazz instead of classical. She falls into a marching band in her new high school, and meets some new friends.

The one that catches Kensi's eye the most though, is mysterious, bad boy; Owen Harper. Owen comes from a family who is known as the "Wild" family, and a family who most say stay away from. There are a ton of rumors floating around about Owen and his family and none of them are good. Kensi can't help but think that Owen is unfairly judged though. At first, when she finds out they live next door to her, she is frightened; but gradually she learns just what Owen is all about.

There are certainly circumstances in Owen's life that one should fear, but there is mainly a young man who is harshly judged, and inside just so sad and full of fear about life. Will Kensi be able to break through Owen's walls, or is she playing with fire only to become burned in the end?? I am in love with Owen and Kensi's journey. It was not an easy one; but I do believe that sometimes the harder we have to work in life; the better the reward.

This young couple go through their share of heartache, and my heart hurt for both of them through the struggles they had. What I loved though was how they ended up finding each other and learned to lean on one another for comfort and support.

I can't stress enough though, that this was not a smooth road, and if you want a story that will make you feel, this is the one for you. It left me so fulfilled, even though there were times when all I felt was despair. The author did a beautiful job of writing a story that pulls you right into the world of these two, to the point where you are so emotionally invested you just can't put it down! It is getting harder to find books where I fall right into the story the way I did with "Wild Reckless" but I fell within the first few pages.

It captivated my attention from beginning to end! I am so glad that I gave it a chance, and I can't recommend it enough to readers everywhere!!!

A must read, and it will be on my list of favorites for sure! View all 23 comments. Kensington's Kensi parents have uprooted her from her home, her school and her piano instructor to a small town where she just happens to live next door to the town bad boy.

He makes his presence known quite quickly and things get off to a rough start. To tell you the truth, I couldn't believe that Owen was Kensington's love interest. He's just so mean to her and makes out with other girls in front of her. But we all know what that means There's a whole lotta drama in this story.

I felt like they never got a break. From family problems to things they caused themselves, it was never ending. Owen did grow on me I loved seeing who he was under that rough exterior and I especially loved how he let Kensi in. There's a lot of great secondary characters from Owen's brother, Andrew, to Kensi's band mate, Willow.

They definitely bring a lot to the story. As I said, lots of drama Yes, these two are in high school and for the most part, I didn't even notice but there times I certainly did. The last chapter is the epilogue which occurs a year later. I was happy with the way things turned out.

This was my first book by Ginger Scott and certainly won't be my last! The Good Stuff: Dual Pov's? No, just Kensi's. Steam Factor? Scale 1 - 5 About a Next book? Nothing that I can find so far. Favorite quotes: View all 22 comments. Sep 11, Nicole rated it liked it Shelves: Kensi is a city girl, she moved with her family to a n actual rating 3.

I had to roll my eyes on several occasions while reading this book And I had to ask this question more than once: Each and every book I've read of this authors I have enjoyed, she just has such a knack at immersing us readers into her web of story telling..

The Harper boys are wild I loved loved loved Owen Harper's character, a few times he would be a douche bag but I forgave him for his minor misdemeanour's due to the tragic circumstances that made him act out in many circumstances as he did.. He took his son to a festival and stepped away from life. I told you. Even Andrew? We're all just these time bombs, waiting to see if we turn into our dad. James is just helping it along so he can get to the end faster.

You can't help but just fall in love with these two characters. My best friend ruined my life He's not really wild at all, He's just heartbroken Since the moment my eyes met Owen's, he has owned me, terrified me, consumed me, I love him, I want him, I need him, I breathe him. Teasers made by "Wordsmith Publicity " View all 9 comments. Jan 20, TeriLyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: download it here: She opens you to remembering the beauty of the time when you first meet the love of your life.

Ginger Scott forces you to recognize the depth and darkness of great love to remind you this kind of once in a lifetime love means facing your fears in the wake of knowing this kind of love will put you to the test.

This author does it simplistically, fearlessly, and honestly for two young people who need each other. Because without darkness, there is not light. Ginger Scott structures her plot perfectly. Humor and lightness woven throughout the pages balances the darkness beautifully it makes the story more real for the time in their lives.

That boy you dream about in high school.

PDF - Wild Reckless

That boy - who with one look, one smirk melts you, has you wanting everything from him just so you can be with him. While Owen left me questioning his true self several times as he created an unredeemable persona there was always a catch, an instinctual reaction to him, drawing me in as much as Kensi. And his charm: Owen Harper is the boy you bear your soul to hoping to crack his shell in return. There could not have been another girl to crack that shell than the incomparable Kensington Worth.

This girl is THAT girl. This was a perfectly written heroine. Not one time did I question her actions, motivations, or thoughts. She acts purely on instinct, having a clear sense of right and wrong. She passes no judgment, accepting even that in which she does not understand. Just know this: Ginger Scott told me a beautiful story through Kensi with Wild Reckless.

The images her words produced while I read were vivid. View all 15 comments. Jan 14, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review [image error] Without a doubt, I absolutely adore Ginger Scott and her books. Ginger has a magical way of making your heart's race and giving you all the warm fuzzies.

When a book can capture your heart right off the opening pages, then you know this book will bring out all the FEELS. And that's what Ginger had managed to do in Wild Reckless. Be still my beating heart because I am wildly and recklessly in love with Owen Harper and Kensington W ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review [image error] Without a doubt, I absolutely adore Ginger Scott and her books.

Be still my beating heart because I am wildly and recklessly in love with Owen Harper and Kensington Worth.

Wild Reckless is unlike any typical young adult romance because this book is on another whole category of awesome. This is not your typical bad boy falling in love with the good girl next door neighbor. Nope, this book is so much more. Yes, you can say Owen Harper can be your classified dangerous bad boy but he is not. Owen Harper is a young man who is wise beyond his years and has a heart of gold.

He is just a young man who is misunderstood and judged by his peers and small town folks. But what truly lies behind the tough rugged exterior, is a boy who has dedicated his whole life for his family. New city. New school. New friends. New home. When you are a young teenager, relocating from city life to small town life, these new changes can be unsettling especially for Kensington Worth since she was leaving her old piano tutor, friends and old life in Chicago. But what Kensington didn't expect was to fall wild and recklessly in love with the boy next door, Owen Harper.

From the first moment these two laid eyes on each other, it was an inevitably for these two not to fall into each other's arm. If you were to look at Kensington's family life, she would be considered the girl who had it all but behind the close doors, nothing was perfect as it seemed. The facade was shattered when unsettling and disturbing news destroyed her family. With feelings of hurt and anger, Kensington found solace and comfort in Owen.

What started as two strangers passing by each other blossomed into friendship and eventually romance. They say love can make you do wild and crazy things, and have you falling. But the fall is worth the risk when you have someone to catch you. And be prepared to have your hearts stolen by Owen Harper.

And if you happen to fall in love, love recklessly. Wild Reckless is a young adult book that was done perfectly. It had all the elements of what you craved in a book that will touch your heart.

This book was so gripping that every emotion evoked will pull on all the heart strings and leave you feeling raw and vulnerable. What I truly love about this book was the love, loyalty, and devotion of a young man had for his family. The sacrifices that Owen Harper had to endure for his family is what makes him the kind of book boyfriend that will make your hearts flutter and swoon. Ginger Scott did another amazing job in weaving a book that had so much depth of romance and real life problems.

She didn't sugarcoat anything but allows her readers to really feel the emotional vulnerability of her characters. All I can say is go read Wild Reckless and remember to live humbly and love recklessly. View all 10 comments. Mar 18, AJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: From the moment I read the blurb of this book, I had that 'tingly' feeling, a sense of anticipation, and I couldn't wait to start it.

And I am happy to say that it did not disappoint! Both heartbreaking and heart-warming, this book took my emotions for a ride and I loved every moment of it! I was sucked in from the very beginning and I devoured every single page. While technically this book features younger characters that are still in high school, I wou 5 stars - I love, love, love this book!!! Uprooted from life with her friends, her musical aspirations, and her senior year of high school, her parents have moved from the big city to a small town miles away, forcing her to start all over again.

Download Reckless and Real: The Complete Series ebook PDF - video dailymotion

Angry at her parents, who spend the majority of their time working and commuting, she struggles to adjust to her new life, but slowly starts to settle in and make friends… and then she meets the boy next door. Owen Harper is broody and wild with a bad reputation, and is a total ass to Kensington. I think I knew the first time I looked into his eyes that there was nothing normal about Owen Harper.

And as they slowly start to open up and get to know each other, she sees the softer, more vulnerable side of him, and genuine feelings start to develop. Their pain draws them together, but they find something in each other that helps them through. He has been through so much, and continues to deal with the fallout of his family history, as well as the stress of his everyday life. My heart broke for poor Owen.

Nobody should have to deal with all that he has to deal with, but the way he handled it all was amazing, and it made me fall for him completely. Kensington and Owen are both new to relationships, but they find their way together, figuring it out as they go along, and I loved it all! There are moments of lightness, and some fantastsic side characters particular shout out to Willow and Andrew who were fabulous , and she has tied it in with the absolutely beautiful love story and paced it out perfectly so that we get to truly soak up everything that this book has to offer.

I loved every moment of it — 5 huge stars. View all 18 comments. Feb 10, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Loved this just as much the second time around! I will read anything she writes! She has a way of just pulling you into the stories she has written right away. One of my GR's friends asked if there is sex in this book. Yes there is sex in this book I laughed because who needs sex in one of Ginger Scott's books??

Not me! My panties melt right off every time this author writes about their first kiss in any of her books. A kiss! She is not happy. She misses her friends, her music instructor and her private music room where she can practice on her piano. On one of her trips gathering her boxes of belongings out of the car she sees a boy. A boy that is her new neighbor. His dark scary stare has her practically shaking. She drops her stuff and he does nothing but walk away.

He doesn't offer to help her. She thinks to herself On her first day of school she makes new friends and also sees this boy again. Later she finds out from her new friends that this boy's name is Owen and he is nothing but trouble. Owen is the star of the basketball team at school. He's a well known manwhore with a different flavor of the week in his arms. He lives and breaths danger. He seeks it out. He is defiantly a bad boy.

Or is he? Owen makes Kensi's life hell. He's constantly treating her badly. Playing basketball in her driveway while she is trying to practice her music. Having parties on her lawn when her and her parents aren't home. Kensi is not scared though. She sees right through Owen.

PDF - Wild Reckless

He scares the shit out of her. He also makes her heart pound whenever she watches him. They form a friendship that later turns into love. A first love that is so powerful it will have you on the edge of your seat trying to hurry and read faster. It will leave you breathless and make your heartache and also at times pound double time.

Let's not forget that it will also be leaving you fanning yourself. I loved learning why Owen was the way he was. How dedicated he was to his family. I loved how Kensi saw something in Owen that very few people did. I defiantly had tears a few times reading this.

This was an emotional read. We deal with suicide, drug addiction and a father that has done something that is unforgivable. You will not be disappointed!! I'm sad that this was a stand alone!! There was so many awesome people in this book: You know me! Always wanting more: Once again Ginger Scott you did an awesome job!!

I love your books woman!! Keep them coming: View all 21 comments. I really enjoyed it!! Jun 30, Shannon Moore rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ginger Scott does it again! I really shouldn't be surprised, she's awesome at everything, but this book is a helluva lot of magnificent so Good stuff. View 2 comments.

Mar 20, Jenny - TotallybookedBlog rated it really liked it. It was unbelievably sad and just about broke our hearts. What a tragic, gut wrenching introduction it was, and from that moment on we were emotionally and inexplicably drawn to this young boy who had our hearts instan 4. What a tragic, gut wrenching introduction it was, and from that moment on we were emotionally and inexplicably drawn to this young boy who had our hearts instantaneously.

Kensi is a gifted musician but mostly bends to please her father and what his wishes are for her future. However, Kensi is drawn to Owen after hearing stories of his past and his reckless and thrill seeking ways. I want his story. We felt his pain and sorrow deeply. Ginger Scott created two soulful and endearing characters in Kensi and Owen.

We felt everything. Their struggles, their confusion and pain as they seek to find their place.

Wild Reckless

This story brought to life the beauty, the conflict, the confusion, the hurt — all the complexities of first love between a beautiful and vulnerable young man and the tenacious wonderful girl who refused to give up on him. Extra Attack Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn. Feral Instinct By 7th level, your instincts are so honed that you have advantage on initiative rolls.

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